ReIME Officers

Jenny Cyphers

Jenny Cyphers is a parent to two adult children. For 20 years, she centered her life on the issues and concerns of childhood development, including parent/child relationships and education.  She has written and spoken on the subject in relation to homeschooling, and homeschooled both her children. She currently administers several discussion groups online that focus on secular and alternative education philosophies. She has a B.A. in the arts (dance), is a licensed tax preparer and enjoys studying tax law. She is passionate about community arts programs and creating mutually supportive relationships between parents and children.

Jane Wheeler

Jane Wheeler practiced law for many years as a corporate regulatory healthcare attorney in licensing, standards of care and informed consent. She was a board member of Lawyers for Human Rights (now the Los Angeles LGBT Bar Association) and served on GLAAD/LA Women’s Committee. She received her J.D. from UCLA Law School and has a B.A. from University of Arizona in Anthropology. She currently works as a consultant for non-profits in the area of funding for health and education related programs and projects, and mom to two teenagers.